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 Guest Views



Great stuff Gary! You’ve brought joy to the art of painting.
Gerald Squires, Artist

It has been a Humbling experience, to see the beauty and greatness you have created. May your rightful place, as one of the great artist’s of our time, soon be realized. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.
Yvonne Parsons

Absolutely wonderful, Gary! You are truly a “Master Painter of the World” We love your work.
Joy, Gary, Kathryn and Kristen Baker

Excellent work. Masterful technique!
Joan Tubrett

Amazing depth in all these pictures.
Marilyn Udell

Very evocative of the seasons.
Vivian Randell

Tremendous light and energy.
Ian Sparkes, Artist

Outstanding display of natural beauty by a native son: Excellent job.
Maude and Roland Butler, M. H. A.

Exquisite – Gift of light.
Ged Blackmore

I’m awestruck! So life like – you could walk into each scene.
Stephen Wiseman

Your work is very moving!
Heather Shea

I wish I could express in words what you have done with brush and paint! Thanks.
E. H. Vokey

Absolutely overcoming with emotion!
Sally Peddle

Splendid! Beautiful, original and striking – evokes the spirit of the “Rock”.
Mary Somers

This is the most beautiful and realistic depiction of Newfoundland I’ve seen. Congratulations and best wishes.
Joseph Jeddore

Newfound legacy – Absolutely beautiful work.
Bernadette Vokey

Fantastic. Love your use of light. A true Master’s work!
Joan Kohler



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